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Gerry Caffrey, Licensed Massage Therapist & Certified Rolfing® Structural Integration Practitioner


- Rolfing Session:  90 minutes.  This is the 'default' session length. 

- Rolfing sessions can alternatively be scheduled for 60 - 75 minutes; each duration is priced separately.

- Deep Tissue massage: also available for 60, 75 & 90 minute lengths.



This is my 9th year being a Rolfer.  After many years working as a market analyst in high-tech and investment banking, and with it years of constant sitting, my neck and back hurt nearly all the time.  A massage therapist told me I was developing a noticeable back curve -- a stooped posture.   I could not walk far at all due to pain in my hip and foot. Further, my foot had recently been diagnosed through an x-ray as having the beginnings of a slight stress fracture, though I did not do any impact-related exercise such as running.

A friend recommended going to a Rolfer™. At the beginning, I told the Rolfer only about the back and neck pain, not hip or foot pain because I was assuming Rolfing could not "fix" that.

Incredibly the pain in my foot was gone after the 4th session and it never came back.  My walk became incredibly effortless for the first time in over a dozen years.   My back and neck pain went away as well.

The rationale for this profound change?  Rolfers don't simply 'work the tissue', they analyze and work with a body's structural relationships and patterns, seeking to reduce or eliminate imbalances.  In my case, imbalances in my upper body, and a very rotated pelvis resulted in too much pressure on my right foot with every step I took.

​I was so impressed with the results I eventually enrolled at the Rolf Institute in Boulder, Colorado (www.rolf.org) and went through the program, graduating as a Certified Rolfer. 


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